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Our Big Data Analysis solution ARES ensures best business usage of Your IT-Enterprise
Today, increasing IT costs and frequent changes to company organisation and economic objectives require a completely different quality level in IT management. Investments have to create sustainable added value, as otherwise they are not really investments, but avoidable costs.

How is it possible to distinguish those investments that create added value from unnecessary costs?

As all business processes ultimately go through IT operations, the answer lies in the combination of IT process data with economic data from various business applications. The diametrical function of the IT operations is reflected in the relevant process data. Only after the inclusion of IT process data, in combination with economic data from business applications, does it become possible to see the weaknesses in business processes.

Unfortunately, most companies waste this information potential.

Usually, the data flows independently and in parallel, from a variety of sources and various software applications. Thus, important economic factors can only ever be viewed in isolation. With our Big Data Integration Suite ARES, Analysis Retrieval and Evaluation System, we define relationships between your isolated data islands and bring them together again under freely configurable conditions. In this way, you will gain coherent and comparable data material, which will provide you with entirely new findings for your strategic business and investment planning.

You will receive the central database for all aspects of business process analysis, IT service management, IT service invoicing and investment planning. Raise hidden informations!

Discuss your objectives with us without any obligation. Together with you, we will develop a data integration model that is specifically tailored to your needs and infrastructure. We will advise and support you in all matters related to Data Centre Management.

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